Mod Manager

ModManager | Ultimate Music and Moderation Experience

The Best Music and Moderation Discord Bot with the Best, Highest Quality Audio you ever used!

Currently 64 punishments on record. | 45 of servers I moderate.

Reaction Roles

Want to use custom emoji's for reaction roles? We have you covered!

All needed Commands for your Server

Are you sick of having a Music Bot with thousands Commands? Mod Manager has all Commands needed in just one Single Bot!
Tho they don't see like "much" you can use our Command structures to add one of the 44 Filters!

Ultimate Music Experiences means, 44 Filters to adjust your Audio!

We are using FFMPEG, to give you the highest Audio Quality possible! As a matter of fact, we spawn them instantly and have no lag at all!

Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and 1100+ Other Links Supported!

We Support everything you listen to! INCLUDING PLAYLISTS AND 20 PREDEFINED, optimized, PLAYLISTS! (mix)

Clear Interface, with Logs and instant Buttons!

So that you can get all you want instantly from the Bot, and see everything what/who happened!

Punishment Database!

When a user is warned, kicked, banned from a server, it is added to our Punishment Database. Which will remain on our database for a set period of time. This also effects our trust score!

Automatic Moderation!

Mod Manager monitors each user based on behaviour and history, with a user trust score based on their account, and known history

Trust Points is based on this factor with a total of 50 points available.

  • Account Older than 10 days
  • Account Older than 1 year
  • Account is a discord employee
  • Account is a discord early supporter
  • Account is a discord verfied bot
  • Account has an avatar
  • Account has no punishments on record

Users trust level will also decreese for every record in our punishment database.